• Overview
      Employer Billing is an optional module that allows you to invoice Employers in a way similar to that used to invoice Bulk Billing Agencies such as Medicare or Veterans' Affairs.
    • Employer Billing is only applicable if you have the optional Employer Billing Module. If you don't, you can still bill Employers, ie, treating them simply as 3rd party debtors. However, you will not be able to batch invoices, add additional information and so on. Also, the Costing Option below will not be enabled.
    • Employer Billing Module Features
    • Special Billing. The Employer Billing module allows you to invoice an Employer as you would any 3rd party debtor, but to treat the invoice as part of a batch, like Medicare.
    • Claim Processing. Employer type invoices can be batched, ie, a Claim prepared. This claim can then be processed like an ordinary Medicare Claim, ie, it can be reconciled via a modified Claim Receipting form, invoices can be resubmitted and so on.
    • Individual Costing. This allows you to set different fees easily for each Employer.
    • Coding the Reason for Visit. This allows you to select a code to represent the Reason for Visit. This way you can then run reports on your Employer type debtors to see which type of visits the patients are coming for, eg, a lot of back injuries. If the Employer Module is enabled, then you can code a Reason for Visit for any type of invoice.
    • Much of the functionality in invoicing Bulk Billing entities is also relevant to Employer Claims. Bulk Bill claiming and receipting
    • Much of the discussion on invoicing Bulk Billing entities is relevant to Employer Claims. When you are reading the sections on Claims, Bulk Bill Claim Receipts and so on, the information is also applicable to Employer Claims.

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