Not satisfied with your current clinical software ?

    • There is an alternative - introducing "The Practice Clinical". A complete replacement for your existing system which offers a unique patient management system.
    • Combine The Practice Clinical and The Practice Management modules together to create a single unified program which provides a complete solution for your practices needs.
    • The Practice Clinical has no advertising, no dbf files and offers a high performance SQL Client/Server architecture.
    • Join the growing number of users that have moved to The Practice Clinical and see for yourself what its like to work with no advertisements, exceptional stability and 100% SQL power.



The Practice Clinical Management Module


"What is the Practice Clinical Management Module" ?

"The Practice Clinical Management Module is a complete replacement for your existing clinical system. It benefits from the same high performance  SQL client/server architecture that The Practice currently uses. It offers exceptional speed and reliability and introduces a new paradigm for patient management."

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