Features of The Practice

  • Windows 32bit SQL Anywhere 5.0 Client/Server Database Engine.
  • Multiple Document Interface (extra screens can be accessed without having to  finish/close what you are in the middle of doing).
  • Full patient demographics including interim comments, permanent notes, secondary addresses, next of kin and occupation.
    Flexible Billing, including Medicare, Veterans? Affairs, Workers Compensation, Private Health Funds, private patient, 3rd Party and so on.
    Standard, family and multi-day invoicing.
  • User defined invoice 'notes'.
    Pending and On-hold invoicing.
    A Quotation system.
    Receipt management capabilities including payment method adjustment & date and time adjustment.
  • HIC online, including electronic lodgement.
  • Fast or detailed receipting including  Electronic MedClaims Reconciliation and a high speed DVA  reconciliation system.
  • Statements (with a user defined ageing period) .
    Account Adjustments and Audit Logs.
    Fully GST capable - outputs GST BAS report data as you need to see it and allows for a detailed audit trail for your accountant.
  • Also has GST reports to meet accountants audit requirements and practitioners enquiries.
    The Patient Database including centralised management, patient and family replication/updating, account management, etc.
    Appointment Book with moving, searching, copying and annotation of appointments. Appointments may also be flagged as
  • CANCELLED, DID NOT ARRIVE, or DID NOT WAIT. Flags on appointment book give indication of current status of patients in system.
  • User defined appointment types are available.
    A live Waiting Room linked to the appointment book. Time patient waiting is displayed. Patient related doctor/frontdesk messaging incorporated.
    An in-built, windows based word-processing system which includes full document templating and mail merge with standard,
  • Australian and medical dictionaries.
    A complete 'enter once/do forever' Patient Recall system.
    User/Password level security.
    A wide range of Practice Management Reports.
  • A Professional Desk version for the practitioner allows live access to appointment book and waiting room and fast and totally accurate 'point and click' access to the right patient in the Clinical Module, Medical Director or Best Practice Software.
    Full Medical Director link.
    Full Referral support.
    Deposits and Refunds acquittal without the need for dummy invoices.
    Auto discounting on Schedule T8 & T6 items etc.
    Assist tracking for and liability/payments & auto fee calculation.
    Full integrated help screens.
  • A fully documented electronic manual.
  • A fully fledged Document management System which allows the scanning of documents to the patient recordor the 'importing'   of  documents to the patient record from  any system on the network.
    An additional module allowing for provision of services to employers.

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