• Features
    • The Enterprise Version has the following features:-
    • Manage Waiting Rooms from multiple locations. The Waiting Room has a new button labelled Change Location. This allows you to view the Waiting Room for another location. When you are viewing a Waiting Room for a location that is not your own, you cannot modify any information. See the section Waiting Room Locations for an explanation of this.
    • Manage Appointments from multiple locations. With the Enterprise Version, the location of each appointment entity can be shown in the title of each column. By setting appropriate views, you can quickly see the appointments for another location. You can also book an appointment for a patient to another location (surgery ).
    • Perform Billing and Receipting for a patient from any location. Since there is only one main database, all patients from all locations are available at all locations, as well as their billing history. So if a patient was seen at one location, they can pay at another location, with no other processing required. In other words, there is no need to send any update information to another surgery. Nor is their any need to perform any kind of data re-synchronization between surgeries.
    • Adding Locations to the system.   In the Standard Version, the program comes with one location already entered. This is the Default Location. With the Enterprise Version, you can add the other locations you need. See the section on Understanding Locations to learn how Locations are used in the Enterprise version, how they relate to the Waiting Room, the Appointment Book, Practices, Doctors and Users.
    • Banking Lists.  There is a new report called Banking List - Enterprise. This report is now available in the Standard Version also. It allows you to tailor a banking list for multiple surgeries. Each location can have it's own ending time, and many combinations are allowed.

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